About The Authors

The Tails of Doodleville: Coping with Coronavirus: COVID 19 is one in a series of stories currently in development, created by childhood friends Ellen Fiedelholtz and Jennifer Warren

The book allows children and those who care for them a safe way to  explore the pandemic that has hit the world and in this story Doodleville . Jennifer and Ellen wanted to tell preschoolers, to try and find joy in the little things and that together we will get through this; after all, we are stronger together. Big virtual hugs!

Jennifer Warren is a chef, wife, foodie/wine lover, sister, aunt and mother to Milou her two year old white Maltese, fur baby.

Jennifer loves to entertain and create experiences that engage all five senses, whether it’s an elaborate dinner party for eight or an intimate, cozy dinner with her husband. She says, “use the cloth napkins, drink the wine, buy the flowers and eat the delicious piece of chocolate.”

Jennifer is a master at mixing ingredients to create culinary and/or artistic experiences. She’s a bit of a MacGyver able to re-purpose, re-utilitze and re-invent items, transforming them and often giving them new life.

For Jennifer it’s all about the Joie de Vivre; after all, she is married to a Frenchman, award winning Master Chocolatiers Sylvain LeRoy, pronounced Lehr-Waaaa!

A little insider information, Jennifer is also known as Boomie, Babbles and Denniper Peecha Sarten a name coined more than forty years ago from a made-up language that she and Ellen created in grade school.

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